If you are considering the services of a Realtor, look no further than Jeff Kessler of Austin Homes Realtors. We found Jeff a knowledgeable Realtor: (1) who does business using current electronic signature software (makes preparation of contract documents and changes super easy), (2) who was available well beyond the traditional business day (no crisis ever develops from 8:00-6:00), and (3) who rebated one-third of the sales commission at closing (a really big deal!) with no hidden fees or hourly charges (caveat: only for sales in excess of $150,000).  Jeff’s services and pricing deals are also available to sellers (sellers’ costs with Jeff are approximately 6% versus 8% with traditional Realtor pricing).  Jeff worked with us from start to finish, no slacking off once the purchase contract was signed. He was also very patient when finalizing the details of the purchase contract turned “interesting.”  Jeff helped to take some of the hassle out of buying our new home, and we think he can help you too.  You should definitely give him a call.

Andrew B.

Jeff was a pleasure to work with! His 12+ years of knowledge and insight into the local market as well as use of online resources and technology allowed us to conduct a personalized house search at a comfortable pace. The attentiveness, promptness and patience shown throughout the whole home buying processes allowed us to feel at ease. These traits as well as his remarkable dedication to customer service allowed us to find the perfect home.


Kevin S.

“I found Jeff’s contact information through this website and because I had never worked with a real estate agent who provided rebates, I wasn’t sure if it was a legitimate option or whether the level of service would be in any way compromised because of the rebate.

However, I was glad to find out that throughout the whole process Jeff was always available and willing to assist whenever we had questions or needed his help. He was always honest and offered a fair assessment regarding a difficult situation we went through with our builder.

I am so pleased with his services that I now recommend him to all my friends who are considering purchasing a house. And it was certainly a great bonus to get a rebate in the end of a very lengthy process!”


Hayde P.


“Jeff Kessler is an outstanding real estate agent.  We were able to save a tremendous amount of money by utilizing his rebate program.  Additionally, Jeff was always available to answer questions via phone or online, even outside of business hours and during weekends.  I would highly recommend hiring Jeff if you want great service and would like to save money on your next home.”
-Jatan N.
“I was a first time home buyer when I worked with Jeff. After working with another real estate agent that did not listen to my concerns, and convinced me to bid on another house that was way out of my price range and did not completely fulfill my requirements, Jeff found my little dream home. It was not initially in a neighborhood I was looking in but Jeff saw that it fit all of my requirements and then some! (In passing I had mentioned something about loving red front doors – Jeff kept that in mind and he found my house with a red door!) Jeff’s knowledge of all Austin neighborhoods opened up my search and ultimately led me to my home. Jeff walked me through every step of the process and patiently and expertly answered ALL of my questions no matter how silly (or however many times I asked them!). He calmed my nerves with his expert knowledge, simple explanations of not-so-simple processes, and constant support and contact throughout the entire process. Buying a home could have been one of the most stressful experiences of my life, but Jeff made it one of the most exciting experiences and one of the most proud moments of my life when I walked through that red door for the first time.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Beth G

Jon U.

“Jeff’s rebate program is a no-brainer for new home buyers. You are throwing away money at closing with other agents or if you go it alone. I have to  admit that my wife and I were a little skeptical at first because it is hard to believe an agent would ever give up a portion of their commission, regardless of the amount of work required. Jeff held our hand from pre-contract to close, providing all the necessary services you would expect from your real estate agent. Jeff was always quick to respond and made these first-time home buyers confident in the biggest purchase of their lives. Thanks Jeff.”

Dan S.

Jeff did a great job so I just sent out a real estate agent recommendation email to effectively everyone at my company. This went out to over 200 employees.  I got back a couple of thank you responses within seconds of sending the email. I would recommend him to all my friends.


We purchased a new house with Austin Home Realtors. With the mortgage rebate program not only did we not bring a check to the closing we got
money back! There is no reason to buy any other way.


Cynthia S.(client)

“It was a great experience working with Jeff. He understood my need, was very responsive, patient and not being pushy at all. Great service from the beginning to the end.
I would highly recommend Jeff. Cynthia S.”

Debbie C.(client)

This realty program really helped us a lot. It not only saved us a lot of money but made the process so
much faster. On top of that, Jeff Kessler is a nice guy that always answers our questions and follows up
to make our buying experience a whole lot easier. For the skeptics out there, the program really works and I
can attest to the fact because I personally experienced it. I will recommend Jeff Kessler to everybody who
needs a Realtor whether you are buying or selling your home.

Dyron T
Sales Counselor, KB Home (colleague)
“Jeff, is a very talented and devoted person who was outstanding at his job at KB Homes. Jeff and I worked together selling homes and he was always dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. The one thing I remember most about him was staying until after 10:00pm with customers trying to get a home sold. Jeff’s tenacious attitude and dedication will be a tremendous asset to an organization seeking a hard worker.”
Alan K Realtor, Austin Texas Homes (colleague)
“Jeff is a leader, well organized, high on customer satisfaction. I know Jeff to be on the cutting edge of his field and a person of high integrity.”
Gareth H(client)
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value“I can highly recommend Jeff for the help that he provided for my first house purchase in the US. He was knowledgeable about the process and always accessible. Jeff also operates a rebate system where he sets some of the agent fees paid by the seller against the closing costs (we got 2% of the house price back) that makes the numbers at closing a lot more palatable!”
Maya T.
Realtor, Exit Realty Old Island Key West (business partner)“Jeff is kind,generous,understandingand patient. You’ll feel comfortable working with him. Jeff has more than a decade of experience and real estate contacts across the United States. Call Jeff at (512) 547-4663 to learn how his innovative concept of collaborative partnership
will MAKE YOU MONEY when he gives you some of his commission. If you love to get rebates on your purchases then you’ll love Jeff!
Check out his site at www.rebateontexashomes.com
Paul H (client)

Jeff provided us with excellent service and saved us a lot of money. His rebate program allowed us to receive his high quality service as a realtor and put money back in our pockets. He is a professional dedicated realtor and I highly recommend him.


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