Buyer Rebate Program

There are many different types of Clients out there searching for a home. Here are a few examples.

Once you are ready for Austin Homes, Realtors to be your Broker please fill out this form and either fax or e-mail it to me.

1.) If you like to look for homes, on your own time, and just need a Broker to show you the inside of them, or you are ready to make an offer, Austin Homes,  will offer to you a rebate of up to 25%* of our commission. Whether the seller is paying 3%, 4%,5% or more. If there is a cash bonus to the Broker Austin Homes will split the bonus 50/50 with the client.

2.) You may be a first time home buyer, a client from out of town or someone who wants or needs a full service brokerage. This would be a more traditional type of service any Real Estate Broker here in town would offer, but we will still give you up to 25%* of our commission back. If there is a cash bonus to a Real Estate Agent, Austin Homes will split the bonus 50/50 with the client.

3.) Sometime people base services on price and feel they will not get the best service if they don’t pay for it. With my program this simply is not true. If you feel the need to pay me the whole commission them please let me know.

When you call me we can meet up and discuss where you are at in your search.  Most agents you meet will suggest they send you a list and to look on your own. Then when you purchase a home through that Agent you will most likely not get any type of rebate. If you hire Austin Homes as your Broker and buyer or sell a home your can get up to a 25% commission rebate or savings.

This program  is going to “Change the way we see Real Estate.” in the Central Texas Area.

Buyer Representation – What does it mean to you?

Central Texas Home Rebates is a proud member of Austin Homes, REALTORS® and has been serving the Central Texas community since 1997. We specialize in Resale Buyers and Resale Listings and offers quality and reliable Real Estate Service that you can count on.

We are dedicated to bringing you full service Real Estate at a reduced price. How can we do this you may ask?  Well, first off in the Central Texas Area the home price median is around $197,900 and a average home sale price of $262,869 as of January 2013 Per the Austin Board of Realtor’s ®. and this makes Austin Homes commission base very sustainable.

* 25% commission rebate will be offered on homes over $300,000
If the home is between $100,000 and $299,000 the rebate will be 1% of the sales price. Homes under $100,000 generally do not qualify for a rebate, but we may be able to work a small rebate out depending on the final sales price.

Investor programs will be different so please contact me for more info.


This site is intended for clients that are not currently registered with a Broker. If you have a current Buyers Representation Agreement signed with another Texas real estate Broker, please contact your Agent or Broker. Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice