Adding Value to Your Home: Four Effective Ideas


1) Don’t bother with the middle man.

Work directly with the buyer or the buyer’s exclusive agent. Realtors are skilled negotiators in a practical sense. Their advice and input are often sought after by anxious buyers. The reason you want to work directly with the buyer is so that you might not have to worry about being outmatched by a more accomplished negotiator lowering the price on you. A real estate broker’s main objective is to drop the price, and make a sizable commission for doing so.

2) Make low cost, but high value home improvements.

Making a few selected home improvements is essential in getting a higher than usual sale price. A common tip is to make the outside more attractive by planting a few new bushes in your yard. Kitchens and bathrooms are also very important rooms to consider for improving. The picture of a new dishwasher in the kitchen is attractive to many buyers. If you manage to make well-chosen changes and if you can keep the total improvement costs down, you’ll probably make a bigger profit than those around you.

3) Offer attractive incentives to buyers.

A higher price can be justified in the buyer’s mind if there are some incentives included to sweeten the deal. Taking care of part of the closing cost is a viable option. One other option is to pay points to decrease their overall interest charges and total monthly expenses. The initial cost may seem a little steep at first, but keep in mind that you could increase your sale price by at least $10,000. It is most likely worth it.

4) Offer a bonus to agents who bring an offer by a certain date.

Successful agents make a living through commissions This is the reason why most of their earnings are based on commissions. However, they all know they will make about the same amount based on the homes they sell if they’re all close in price. Well, not if you’re offering 4% instead of 3%. Increasing the commission offered will increase the interest, and consequently the market value, of your home. Or, you could offer a vacation trip to those agents who bring in viable offers in a certain time period. Sometimes a few days of sand and sun can be even more irresistible than a bigger check.

By using a few of these tips, and coming up with more new ideas of your own, the possibility of selling your home at a profit will be much better assured.



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