Modernizing Your Kitchen Without Going Broke

In order to help you save money on your kitchen makeover, here are a few tips to keep in mind when doing the kitchen without breaking the bank.

1. Find a handy person who can do small jobs. Start up a working relationship with a person that can do different jobs on his own instead of hiring out each part of the work individually. If you hire a cabinet specialist to make and install the cabinets, a painter to paint the walls and woodwork, and a flooring contractor to do the floors, you will probably pay more than you need to. A good handyman can do it all and will generally charge you less for it. Ask around and see whether a friend can recommend someone that they know. A good handyman will be able to advise you on filing for the necessary permits to make it legal. Contracting with a handyman is a great way to keep costs under control.

2. Do your research and shop around. Materials for your kitchen refurbishment can be affordable or very expensive. Depending on what kinds of things you choose, you can pay basically whatever you choose to pay. Just as an example, you can buy a basic type of ceramic tile for less than a dollar per square foot, or you could find one for fifty times that amount. Once you decide on the quality of materials you want, look for the material around at a few stores that specialize in what you want. Contrary to popular belief, if you find a store that has sales associates working on a commission basis you are in an advantageous position, comparatively speaking. Salesmen on commission are highly motivated to make the sale. The sales people probably only get a few opportunities a week to sell to a serious customer come in. Therefore, they really want to sell you something. With a little planning and effort, you can make the situation work in your favor. Go around and get a few quotes from other sources. Use them as leverage. Retail specialty stores such as tile and floor covering stores generally have a pretty good profit margin to work with, and they can be pressed to do everything they can to cut you a deal. Don’t give in easily and you can usually achieve you some significant savings to get more done on your job.

3. Consider getting used appliances. Brand new appliances can be really expensive. Instead of going down to the store and picking out the newest, most expensive stainless steel appliances out there, how about getting appliances that have been used? You really can’t tell the difference by looking, but you could save lots of money.

Whatever money you can save on your kitchen job is money you can put to work on all those more attractive and worthwhile things in your life — so be smart and enrich your quality of life in more than just that small part of the house.

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