ACL Music Festival Line-Up 2013

Travis County Ranks as Texas 12th Healthiest County in the U.S.A.

Austin Texas ISD Sees Increases in Graduates, College Readiness

College and Career Statistics
            There was a 2% increase from 2009-10 to 2010-11 in AISD

Austin Texas is the Place to Stop and Live

           Jobs typically are the top reason people move. Twenty-somethings traditionally have the highest rates of mobility, and college graduates typically are more willing to move out of state for jobs because they tend to compete for them in national markets, Frey said. With its high-tech industry and universities, its good economic health compared with other places, and its reputation as a vibrant hot spot for young people, the Austin metro area scores well with job seekers and young adults.
           In a January report on the Austin office market, Oxford Commercial said that Austin has the eighth-most educated workforce in the country, and that employers benefit from the area


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