At Austin Homes, REALTORS®, we’ve done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers’ needs. With that goal in mind, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 512.547.HOME or
jkagent at gmail dot com


Do you 1099 me on at the end of the year for my rebate. No, I do not have to 1099 you according to the IRS.  So you do not have to claim the income on your taxes. So that is even a better incentive to use me as your Real Estate Agent. Do you list homes for Sale? Yes I do! I have been an agent in Austin for over 15 years

Do you help clients and Investors buy a homes? Yes I do! I am an Accredited Buyers Agent and I am very skilled at helping clients find a home.

Do I have to buy a home with a minimum purchase price to get half your commission back? Yes, to receive half my commission back, at or after closing, you need to buy a home, with a sales price, of more than $199,000.  If home has sales price less than $199,000  and more than $100,000 you will get 33% of my commission back. Most homes under $100,000 do not qualify for a rebate at this time.  Contact me and lets see what we could work out.

Do Investors get a rebate on an investment purchase? Yes I still give investors a rebate, but the rebate is a bit less depending on the work that is involved. Please contact me and we can work out a program that works for the both of us.

What areas do I have to Buy or Sell in to get a resale rebate from you? Click here to see all the Counties and Cities where I can give you a rebate.
What areas do New Home Buyers, that use a builder to build a home, get a rebate from you? All of Texas is included as long as the builder works with Real Estate Agents

Do you help investors buy homes? Yes, I have been helping investor with purchasing properties for over 12 years now.

Do you help clients rent homes or Apartments? Yes, I have been helping clients from all over Texas and the country in their quest to move to the great city of Austin to rent.

Is it legal for a Real Estate Agent in Texas to give part of their commission as a rebate to their clients? Yes, Real Estate Agents in Texas can REBATE their commissions to their clients. To read more please see The Texas Real Estate Commission’s website.

Why Should I use this program? The question should be “Why wouldn’t you use this program?” You are doing most of the work so I am paying you for that service. My fees are for my experience and consultation. This is a very easy program, so please call or e-mail me with any questions, big or small. I am here to work for you and I don’t want you to be confused or feel lost.

How do I fill out the Form? Please print you name and address on the form and fax or E-mail back to me. I will then call you and discuss the rest of the agreement. Once we come to an agreement I will fill out the rest of the form and E-mail or fax it back to you. You will then sign and fax back to me and keep a copy for yourself.

What do I do after the form is filled out? First step will be to get you qualified with a lender. The next step is to look for a home. We will get you started with a list of homes that we can review and see. Then we will proceed to make an offer on the home that you want.

How do I qualify to get up to 50% of your commission at closing? The first step is to fill out the Buyers Agreement form and then fax or E-mail me the form. If you are currently have a signed agreement with a Realtor® then we will not be able to work together. This program is for clients who have not signed a Buyer’s Representation Agreement.

If the Seller is paying 3 % you get back 1.5% CASH BACK If the Seller is paying 4 % you get back 2% CASH BACK If the Seller is paying 5 % you get back 2.5% CASH BACK If the Seller is paying 6 % or above you get back 3% CASH BACK

If the Seller is paying less than 3% then you will receive 50% of what ever the Seller is paying the Agent in commission as long as home has a sales price over $199,000.

Investors have to call or email me to find out how I will rebate commission back to them.

Can I use the money for Closing Cost or just receive it back after closing? You can receive the money at time of closing on the HUD statement towards your closing costs or you can have a check cut to you at closing. (In most cases). Sometimes depending on the lender you may have to wait 7-10 business days to get a check back. You can use the money to reduce the price of the home as well.

What if I already have a Real Estate Agent? If you have not signed an Buyer Agreement form with your agent you may still be eligible. If you already have an agent and contract signed then this program is not for you. This web site is not a solicitation to clients with an agent.

The Agent is going to get a bonus. Do I get any of that? Yes you get 50% of the agents bonus. If the bonus is in a non cash form then the agent will keep the bonus without splitting it.


This site is intended for clients that are not currently registered with a Broker. If you have a current Buyers Representation Agreement signed with another Texas real estate Broker, please contact your Agent or Broker. Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice