Condos and Lofts: What’s the Difference?

Keep in mind, though, that it’s difficult to make hard and fast distinctions between the two. Even if you’re doing an Internet search, you probably won’t be able to search for just condos, or just lofts. More than likely, they will be listed together.

The history of the building is one way to differentiate the two. Condos often are in buildings designed for that purpose. In addition to the individual condos themselves, there are public areas

Five Ways Condo Living Simplifies Your Life

Less maintenance
No more mowing the lawn, shoveling the sidewalk or raking leaves. No more pruning the bushes, cleaning out the eaves or wondering when it’s time for new shingles. When you live in a condo building, most of the maintenance is done for you. Your only responsibility in that regard: write a check each month to your homeowners association.

Many condo buildings are built in urban areas. Everything the city life offers is just outside your door. Within walking distance, you’ll probably find an abundance of restaurants and nightclubs, sports, art and music venues, as well as plenty of places to shop.

Less room for stuff
There’s a big difference between a sprawling single-family home and a condo


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