Is Your Tax Appraisal a Fair Assesment?

How do you determine your market value?

You can: contact your Realtor who can provide you with market information, collect information from neighbors who have recently purchased their homes, or a contract company who specializes in assisting with tax assessor valuation protests.

Should you appeal your property valuation?

If the market value on your home is lower than your tax-assessed value, then you should appeal.

When should you receive your property valuation and how long do you have to appeal?

The County Appraisal Districts began mailing property valuations sometime after April 15th. Most homeowners should have received their valuation on or before May 1st. Homeowners have until May 31st, or 30 days from the date they receive their valuation (whichever is later), to appeal.

How to appeal your property taxes.

If you believe your property valuation is higher than the current market value, you should appeal your taxes. When people don

Pitfalls to Watch out for When Buying Your Home


Bad Location

There are many factors that can make a neighborhood, or even an individual lot, a poor one — very high local property taxes, being located in a declining neighborhood or a poor school district, or even which way the lot faces. If you don’t believe this would be a problem, just imagine looking out into the junk yard, or having a neighbor with a broken down truck in his yard as you fix meals or have guests. Before making an offer, take a little extra time to critically rate the neighborhood and to look out all the windows. You can talk to the people who live there and ask questions.

Not Doing Enough Research on the Area

Do a little easy research to find out the prevailing prices of homes like the one you want. Doing even this little will keep you from overpaying for a home.

Not Getting the Home Inspected

Even though the seller is required to disclose, in writing, any known defects associated with the home, the operative word is “known.” The seller may not know that the heater is in its last good season or that the area next to the north wall has gotten wet and is growing destructive mold. Therefore, it is important to have the home you are interested in thoroughly inspected and to be willing to hear the negative things about the home you may have your heart set on. Better to find out now when things can still be corrected than to move in and having to handle repairs or serious disappointment.

Homebuying involves some big decisions. If you can avoid these common pitfalls you will not only have an easier time choosing the right home, but you will save yourself from a lot of headaches.


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