Keeping Your Austin Texas Lawn in Top Shape

Haircut? A Simple Rule for the Length of the Grass
There are differing opinions about what length is right for your lawn, whether it should be anywhere from four inches long down to about two. It may vary based on the kind of grass and where you are located. Though it may vary, a good rule of (green) thumb would be to keep it cut to about 3 inches in length. This will let each individual blade of grass retain water better, allowing it to thrive with less water.

Hey, You’re Pretty Sharp
If you’re like many lawn lovers, you might take it for granted that your lawn mower blades are sharp and you know they can injure you, but they might not really be as sharp as you think, and dull lawn mower blades can cause a dead-looking, stressed lawn. This can happen when the lawn isn’t being cut but rather being torn. That can give an entry path for destructive organisms and makes it harder for it to grow.

Grass Can Benefit the Soil
Not often do you find a really simple solution and it lessens the work in addition. For most people one of the most onerous parts of the task is the raking and picking up the clippings from your freshly mowed lawn. Not only is that task generally unnecessary, but it is often a benefit for the lawn if you don’t take the trouble of doing it! Here’s something you might not have taken into account: the lawn clippings are a good natural mulch for the lawn. So unless you leave huge piles and clumps of leftovers around the yard, it’s probably best to leave the tiny clippings where they fall. A little extra effort may be required every few years to remove material when it builds up too much.

Everyone likes a pretty green lawn and these quick suggestions should help you on your way to a greener lawn without too much hard work.


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